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The MOT test changed on 20 May 2018, with stricter rules for diesel car emissions, new MOT test certificate, new defect types and vehicles over 40 years old won’t need an MOT.

Learn all about the new MOT Test..

New defect types have changed

1. Defects found during the MOT are categorised as either:

  • Dangerous, MOT Fail (Not allowed to drive your vehicle until its been repaired.)
  • Major, MOT Fail (Repair your vehicle immediately.)
  • Minor, MOT Pass (Repair your vehicle as soon as possible.)
  • Advisory, MOT Pass (Repair it if necessary.)
  • PASS, MOT Pass (It meets all DVSA minimum legal standard.)

Some new items have been added to be tested during the MOT.

2.1. Included are some defects that are classed as ‘minor’ since 20 May 2018 previously resulted in a test fail. (Go to 2.2)

  • Front fog lamps
  • Bumpers
  • Prop shafts
  • All rear drive shafts
  • Undertray security
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF) tampering (Extended)
  • Fluid leaks (such as, Oil ...)
  • Brake fluid contamination (Water is a common type of contamination)
  • Daytime running lamps
  • Emission control equipment such as, oxygen sensor, NOx sensor and exhaust gas recirculation valve, among others.
2.2. And defects that no longer result in a fail.
  • One of two registration number plate lamps missing or inoperative
  • Power steering fluid below the minimum mark
  • Brake fluid level below the minimum mark
  • Brake fluid warning lamp illuminated or inoperative
  • Items ‘insecure’ but not likely to become detached
  • The check for 2 different VINs has been removed

Some vehicles over 40 years old no longer need an MOT Test

3.1. Cars, vans, motorcycles and other light passenger vehicles won’t need to have an MOT if they’re over 40 years old*.

If a vehicle was first registered on 31 May 1978, it won’t need an MOT from 31 May 2018*.

Click here to view and learn more about the new MOT test

Our simple MOT checklist you can undertake at home before being disappointed with a failed MOT Test...

We have created a little pre mot checklist you can understake at home preferably a few days before your MOT test date, check them out below:

  • Check all exterior lights including, fog lights (front and rear), headlights, tail and indicator lights, not forgetting your high beam and daylight running lights.
  • Check all tyres, making sure all have good tread. The legal tread depth is 1.6mm. Watch the video below.
  • Make sure you have no warning lights on your dash, such as air bag fault - if you have, get them checked. Call us on 01604 715515 to get them checked over.
  • Jack your car up and remember to place axle stands under your car before attempting to undertake any work. One at a time, take each wheel off and check your break dics, pads and take a look at your suspension as well as break pipes.

These are just some of the simple checks you can do outside your home. If you require a more thorough pre mot check on your car, Alderley Autos can go deeper and check all aspects of a MOT test before your real MOT test. The benefits of having a pre mot check on your car with Alderley Autos can, in the long run, save you a lot of money. We will give you a check list on what needs doing to your car to get it through a MOT Pass.