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Vauxhall told to cut costs on the their electric car prices

Vauxhall are told to cut their electric car prices to compete with the new BMW Mini Electric car.

The new Corsa-e by Vauxhall looks great, if you haven't seen it, go and have a look in your nearest vauxhall showroom - Oh wait! It's not on sale yet, and a good thing too.

Vauxhall have put their new electric car on sale for over £26,430. Yes £26,430, the new BMW mini is only going to cost £24,400. The coras-e suddenly looks relatively expensive...

With so many car manufacturers now going into the pure electric market, when it comes to pricing these models many have to think about, only BMW has declared that affordability is king. For example the new VW e-up is £22,460 that twice the price it is for a petrol VW up. VW will have to start thinking about cutting their prices to compete aswell.

Electric Mini
  • 181bhp
  • 120 miles between charges
  • £24,400
  • 136bhp
  • 211 miles between charges
  • £26,430

If I was given a choice, I would definitely choose the new Mini. Why? - The new Mini will cost less and its impressive future residuals also mean it’ll hold its value far better than the Corsa-e.

What electric car would you have if money wasn't an object?

It would definitely be the new Tesla Model S - The Ludicrous Performance model. Now that's priced at £97,700 and that would just be a weekend car, for the family it would have to be the Tesla Model X Ludicrous Performance! Priced at over £100,00k

the new vauxhall corsa e

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