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Vauxhall A12XER Engine

The A12XER is a 1.2 engine that is inside the bonnet of the CORSA D. The engine was used till 2014.

First use.

A12XER engine is an ecoFLEX Gen 3 engine family 0 engine by GM. It’s a 1.2 L (1,229 cc) 4 cylinder, 16V non-turbo first used in 2006 inside the CORSA D. The last of this engine was also used in a 64 plate 2014/2015 CORSA.

This CORSA D fitted with this A12XER (not limited to this engine) had a very common fault that is dangerous and the first time you notice it, bring it to Alderley Autos Northampton and we will take apart and rebuild/replace, continue reading…

The ABS pump is a very common fault for vehicles built between 2006 and 2014 (not just with the A12XER engine). Failure of the ABS pump will cause the Near Side Front brake to fail and the car to steer to the right.

You will also notice that there will not be any brake fluid coming from the left front brake caliper bleed nipple during bleeding, if you’ve tried to fix this issue by bleeding the brakes.

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