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MOT Northampton

Mot Testing in Northampton

Northampton MOT Testing & Pre MOT Health Checks

Bargain Price MOT Testing Northampton. Alderley Autos

MOT From £27.43*

It's coming up and your stressed out about it! It's MOT time. Don't worry, Alderley Autos is here to help.

Getting a pre MOT Health Check on your car before the MOT day will avoid the stress of an MOT fail. The MOT Health Checks we do are the same as the MOT Tester will check for, for example: Steering & Suspension and the parts that make up the Suspension such as, tyres, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels. Lights, Windscreen, Horn, Seatbelts, Brakes. Check the full list below that we have made. You can do some of these yourself at home.

Book your MOT and/or MOT Health Check: Call 01604 715515

What’s included in an MOT Test?

The MOT test is carried out to DVSA guidelines and includes a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to make sure it is in a roadworthy condition. You can also check your car MOT History by clicking here

MOT Test
Steering & Suspension
Springs, Shocks & Linkages
Tyres & Brakes
Windscreen & Mirrors
Wipers & Washers
Seat & Seatbelts
Fuel System & Emissions

The MOT Tester will also check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN for short) is present and legibly displayed on the vehicle. The VIN is a unique code including a serial number that is stamped on the vehicle, it is usually found on the dashboard looking inside your cars front windscreen. On some cars, the VIN is also displays on the drivers side.

What’s NOT included in an MOT Test?

During the MOT test, the tester is not legally required to check if your car has had a cambelt, water pump change. The tester is also not required to check the operation / condition of the clutch.

You can check the condition of your clutch yourself by applying the handbrake and slowly letting the clutch out while in gear. If the car stalls, then generally the clutch is fine.

MOT Health Check, Kingsthorpe by Alderley Autos

Avoid the stress and book your car for a Pre MOT Health Check in Northampton by Alderley Autos. We check all the necessary parts that will be tested at the MOT Centre.
Book your MOT and/or MOT Health Check: Call 01604 715515

Best price MOT Testing in Northampton

Get your car MOT Tested from £27.43*. Check out our blog post about MOT Testing & The Check List. Book your MOT with Alderley Autos by calling us on 01604 715515.