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My car battery is flat, Help me!?

My car battery is flat, Help? Avoid your car breaking down due to a flat battery.

Every year the car recovery industry (such as: RAC, AA and GreenFlag) attend over 1.5 millions car-battery related breakdowns.

The busiest time of the year for these breakdown recovery businesses tends to be the winter, when the days are shorter and the nights are darker.

The #1 cause for battery-related breakdowns is by drivers leaving their external lights on

Top 10 causes of a flat battery

Cause #1 Accidentally leaving the interior/exterior lights, radio or other electrical devices on

Cause #2 Not using your car for several days or even weeks.

Cause #3 Defective charging systems, such as the alternator can cause the battery to be over or under-charged.

Cause #4 Very cold or hot weather can damage your battery or reduce the amount of energy it generates.

Cause #5 Fitting your car with the wrong battery as different cars require different amounts of power to operate.

Cause #6 Old age. Even a well maintained battery may not last more than 5 years.

Cause #7 Too many short-distance journeys, for example, trip to the shops.

Cause #8 Corrosion, especially around the terminals can interfere with a car battery's ability to function properly.

Cause #9 Poor maintenance. Checking the condition of your battery.

Cause #10 Loose cables or brackets can interupt the battery's electrical current or cause damage through vibration.

How to avoid a flat battery

Keeping your car battery healthy is a job that too many drivers ignore. By following these simple solutions, you should be able to make sure you don't get caught out by a flat battery.

Solution #1 Invest in a good quality battery. It could cost you less in the long run.

Solution #2 When your car sits in the hot sun for prolonged periods, the heat can have a negative impact on your car battery, in particular when the battery service life is in decline. Garage your car or park it in the shade if possible.

Solution #3 Ensure you get the correct battery for your car's specification. Depending on the level of equipment fitted, the battery specification may vary. Check the owners manual or come and see Alderley Autos if in any doubt.

Solution #4 Cold weather is tough on the car batteries. Keep your car garaged when the temperature drops

Solution #5 Be sure to turn off all of your car's electrical devices before shutting off the engine, especially in the winter.

Solution #6 Consider purchasing a car battery charger for peace of mind.

Solution #7 If you don't use your car often, be sure to "exercise" it on a weekly basis by driving at least 20 to 30 mile to keep the battery charged.