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MOT to Change in 2018

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The MOT is due to change next year

MOT is “not fit for purpose”

One of these changes, from the Department for Transport, is suggesting increasing the period until a vehicle’s first MOT test. The current system requires the first MOT test to be taken after 3 years but the DFT wants to extend this to 4 years. More than 98% of cars having a 3 year MOT test, pass with flying colours.

The Diesel DPF checks are likely to be more strict in the new MOT as The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency says more than 1,800 cars have been caught with the DPF removed since 2014. But I believe the number is much higher, much higher! Probably more than 500,000 diesel cars have had their DPF removed. The current MOT test, which requires only a visual inspection of the DPF. The DVSA says it plans to introduce changes to improve the MOT test next year.

All new diesel cars produced after 2009 have DPF designed to reduce pollution levels, but they can get clogged up and break down and can cost thousands of pounds to replace.

The DPF stands for diesel particulate filter and is designed to filter the toxic fumes diesels create. It is now illegal for drivers to use a car with the DPF removed if the car came with a DPF from the factory, but it is not illegal for garages to take them out.

Under the new MOT test will see any model older than 40 years exempt from the annual MOT check. That’s an additional 290,000+ cars driven on our roads that will no longer need an MOT test. Currently, only cars from before 1960 are exempt, which represents 195,000+ cars on UK roads. This also includes bikes over 40 years as well.

How the MOT test works

During the MOT test, important parts on your car will be checked to make sure they meet the legal standards.

In a test station, you can normally watch the test from a viewing area. For more about the MOT test, check this blog post about the MOT.

Electric Car MOT Test?

Just like its petrol and diesel counterparts, the electric car’s MOT includes the same test designed to examine every aspect of its roadworthiness. including

  • Steering & Suspension
  • Springs, Shocks & Linkages
  • Tyres & Brakes
  • Lights
  • Windscreen & Mirrors
  • Doors
  • Wipers & Washers
  • Horn
  • Seat & Seatbelts
  • Bodywork

There’s no emissions test required for an electric car, as you might have guessed. I’m not sure but maybe a test on its electrical system in years to come?

Winter is coming! The Ultimate Guide

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Avoid Car Repairs this Winter with our ‘Winter Car Care Guide’

Winter is around the corner, avoid costly car repairs this winter 2017

Our Ultimate 7 tip guide for this winter!

This winter is said to be the coldest on record (they say that every year). We at Alderley Autos have created the ultimate winter car care guide for 2017 – The guide will hopefully help you avoid costly car repairs this winter!

1, And the most important! COOLANT – Make sure your car’s coolant has the right amount, normally between the MIN and MAX level. Also, make sure your car has Winter coolant (Antifreeze) and the right grade for your engine. If your car is made after 1998 you would normally need antifreeze that uses silicate-free, organic acid technology (OAT). Use this tool to find out what antifreeze grade you need for your engine. If you are not sure if your car has any sort of antifreeze in, your best bet is to drain and refill with the right grade antifreeze. If you need any help, you can contact us, our contact details and phone number are on that page.

Not having any antifreeze will normally result in having the engine in your car replaced. As when water freezes the water channels in your engine will crack!

2, Cold start in sub-zero temperatures. – Prior to making a cold start leave the ignition on for approximately five to ten seconds, before attempting to start your car. This will allow the fuel pump time to pressurise and glow plugs to heat up (If your car is diesel) giving your car a better chance to start in sub-zero temperatures!

If you are in a hurry and immediately try to start your car as soon as you turn the ignition on you will most likely encounter problems, and if you do, your battery will quickly die!

3, Engine Oil – Engine oil has to be at an optimum temperature to offer the fullest protection for your engine. As the engine starts to warm up,  progressively increase the revs and load. Make sure that you check your engine oil regularly, once a week is good. NOTE: Engine oil takes longer to warm up than coolant.

engine oil level check

Not having the right amount or the right grade of engine oil in your engine will result in cosly car repairs. Use this tool to check what grade of oil and how much you should buy for your car.

Snow on your car, the law.

The Highway Code stipulates that if driving in adverse weather conditions you must, by law, be able to see out of every glass panel in your vehicle.

Read more about “driving with snow on your car” from the RAC.

4, Tyres and tyre pressures – We should all know by now that the law says the legal tread depth is 1.6mm! But when driving in ice and snow with the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm is not ideal right?

At Alderley Autos, we would recommend a minimum of 4.0mm tread depth when driving in snow and ice! Safety first!

Having the right tyre in sub-zero temperatures could mean a life or death situation. We recommend having your car fitted with Winter Tyres.

Emergency Winter Kit

Check out this Emergency winter kit by RAC. Ideal if you break down, or just to keep in the boot of your car

5, In the winter we have darker days and even darker nights, see and be seen this winter! – Check all light bulbs, get someone to help you while you check by walking around your car. Replace any bulbs that are out. You can buy any car light bulb from your nearest Halford store. Remove any ice and snow from lights, windows and mirrors is a priority before any journey in cold weather.

How to prepare for driving in winter weather.

  • Tyre grip is hugely reduced in winter and icy roads. The braking distances of your car is much longer.
  • Before you leave home, make sure your mobile phone is fully charged (if not carry a charger cable for your mobile), a bottle of water, and a RAC emergency winter kit.
  • Look well ahead for potential hazards – including, of course, patches of ice – and keep your speed well down.

black winter ice on the road

Black Ice is invisible.

Black ice can be almost invisible to drivers, black ice is smooth and transparent, and appears the same colour as the road below. Be careful and drive with caution.


6, Fuel – Before setting off on your journey ensure you have enough fuel. Cars use more fuel in heavy traffic and start/stop conditions.

Carry a container full of fuel, you can buy these fuel containers from your nearest petrol station.

7, Windscreen Washer Fluid – Screenwash is something you will use a lot of in the winter weather. Top-up your windscreen washer fluid by using a good quality screenwash which is effective down to cold temperatures.

Winter Tips: Before you leave on your journey

Car Battery: In winter, your car battery will run down quicker than in warmer weather. Make sure you do regular long journeys to keep your car battery in good condition. Tip: Depress the clutch when starting as this will reduce drag on the engine when starting, and preserve the battery.

Warm clothing: If you break down and have to step outside, you could be in trouble if you have not got any warm clothing with you.

Car Windows and Body: Clear all snow and ice from all windows and the roof of the car before driving off. Do not use hot water to de-ice windscreens, the windows may crack.

the stopping distance of a car in winter


Alderley Autos: Winter Check

Have our experts check over your car this winter, simply make a booking on our home page using our quote/booking form.


Alderley Autos: Car Repairs Northampton

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AA: Car Repair Mechanics Northampton

Our new website has again, undergone more work to improve our visitors & customers experience. We have set up a “Quote Form” for anyone to get a quote for any car repairs & servicing.

If you are looking for honest car repairs in Northampton, Alderley Autos is the car repair garage for you. We understand how difficult it can be to trust anyone with your vehicle.

We want to be the best independent car repair garage in Northampton, we can provide competitive quotations for any kind of work you need, big or small. Whether it’s a 30k or a 200k service, a brake fluid change, timing belt replacement or an extensive car repair we can help. We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners located in Northampton area. Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services.

Our Full Service includes a comprehensive check of your vehicle, covering brakes, tyres, exhaust, lights, washers and wipers. Having your vehicle regular inspection can extend car life, and can result in

  • Reduced time off the road
  • Less unforeseen expense
  • Greater fuel economy

We pride ourselves on friendly and down-to-earth approach to customer service. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

PSA Vauxhall Cut Jobs as Astra Sales Drop

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Vauxhall to cut 400 jobs at Ellesmere Port

The demand for the new Vauxhall Astra has been falling for some years.

And I wonder why?

And It is not just Vauxhall that has been saving money by buying cheaper parts. Here is just one review from many Astra owners. Have a read below.

James, 2015 15 plate Astra 1.6CDTi.

“Faults on the car from new which cannot be rectified by dealer. The dealer has no idea what is wrong.  Also loud noise while running idle. Mpg is nowhere near the manufacturers claimed figures.”


About 400 of the 1,800 jobs at the site are expected to go by Christmas, largely via voluntary redundancies, as demand for the Astra continues to slip in favour of chunkier and trendier SUVs.

Vauxhall said in a statement: “Vauxhall needs to adjust production volumes at its Ellesmere Port production facility to the current level of demand, to improve its performance and protect its future as the industry faces challenging European market conditions and a declining passenger car market.

Are we going to see more of the Astra model in our garage for car repairs or is Vauxhall going to do something about the problems that are still causing problems for customers still to this day?

You can read more about the job cuts here.

Nearly-new Car Sales: Our Friends at JAM

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Only the top quality cars for sale.

About JAM

JAM Vehicle Solutions

“JAM is a used car dealer based in Northampton where their aim is to help you drive away a pre-owned vehicle that suits your needs both practically and financially. JAM is located on the St Andrews Road of Northampton.”

If you’re looking for top quality cars that are checked and MOT’ed by us here at Alderley Autos, look no further. Jason at JAM has over 26 years with two of the largest dealer groups in the UK mostly in senior management positions. He knows what to look for when he’s on the lookout for cars to sell on his four court.

All of the vehicles JAM sales undergo detailed mechanical checks and are prepared to the highest standard before being offered for sale.

JAM’s Opening Times & Contact Details.

Mon – Fri 10:00 – 18:00
Sat – 10:00 – 16.30
Sun – 11.00 – 15.00

Call JAM on 01604 973615

Jason’s Direct Number: 07975 729088

Take a look at what JAM has to offer right now by going to there website here.

Warranty and Car Repairs

JAM makes sure that every vehicle is to the highest standard before being offered for sale with all our retail vehicles we offer warranties are extendable to 6, 12 or 24 months depending on customer requirements.

Jason at JAM recommends Alderley Autos for any car repairs outside of the warranty.  That way we can give JAM a detailed list of what went wrong so Jason can understand what to look out for before sale.





New Car or Old Car vs Car Repairs.

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Looking for your next car? Not sure if you should buy a new one or an old one??

Old car lover.

When looking for your next car, pretty much the first decision you have to make is whether to go for a brand-new or an oldish car. There’s no doubt it’s a tough question!

I’ve seen my fair share of new cars with problems at only 3 years old. Injector issues, faulty gearboxes, rubish electrics. Although at this age most or nearly all the problems above are sorted and fixed by the dealer.

I’m seeing more cars that come into our garage for car repairs that are only 6 years old with ridiculous problems that even the dealer have no idea how to fix. Vauxhalls with weak camshafts, injectors, crap gearboxes and ECU issues. But not just Vauxhall, I’ve seen problems with Ford and Renault.

What is going on?  It seems that manufacturers are saving money and buying in weak and unreliable parts, saving millions or even billions.

We had a 6-year-old Ford in for car repairs, the car had problems starting. We diagnosed it to be the alternator as the battery wasn’t getting enough charge. The vehicle had 79K miles on the clock. A few weeks prior to that we had a VW in the garage for the same problem, the alternator. This vehicle was 14 years old with 174k miles and had the original alternator from the factory! A new alternator for the Ford was £489.00 and for the VW it was £266.00, crazy.

Some older cars will, in general, cost more to run in terms of fuel and road tax. If you get an old VW 1.9 Deisel or a SAAB 1.9tid that will do 60+mpg on the motorway which, in some cases will outperform these new eco engines.

If you go and buy a new car, don’t keep it for more then 3 years. New cars have the widest range of technology available. Typically a new car will have 100 or more sensors while an older car might have less than 20. The more sensors, the more that can go wrong with these un-tested sensors. What do I mean by un-tested? New ideas that the manufacturers come up with without doing the prober real road tests. Why can’t a manufacture test a new model of vehicle for 100.00k miles before selling it? Is it not like they losing money? With all these cheap parts they seem to buy.

It’s a real question. Why not?

Reliability, theoretically, a new car should be more reliable than a used car. Not always the case. An old Mercedes diesel engine will probably last forever if serviced on a regular basis. A new eco diesel engine serviced on a regular basis might not even last 150k.

Next time you’re looking for your next car. Think about it! Read this post from money advice service.


Adding 2 Stroke to Diesel. Good or Bad?

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NOTE: Alderley Autos will not take any responsibility for any damage caused by you (“yourself”) adding any (“type or brand” of) 2 stroke oil to your vehicle. A CUSTOMERS OWN REVIEW.

Update: 1st November 2017

So I’ve had my car nearly 3 years and for approximately 24 months I’ve been adding 2 stroke oil to my tank.

What are the benefits I’ve seen since adding 2 stroke?

In the 12 months that I didn’t add any 2 stroke oil to my car, I had to clean my VNT turbo vanes twice! And if you know what a VNT turbo is, you’d know that cleaning the vanes is a real pain in the butt!

What is a VNT Turbo?

VNT stands for variable nozzle turbines. The variable mechanism inside the turbo is easily affected by carbon build-up, and this is a common problem. If the carbon build-up becomes excessive, it can cause the mechanism to jam. This can occur quite quickly if the vehicle is used for lots of short journeys where the engine is not allowed to get up to full operating temperature.

The benefits I’ve seen by adding 2 stroke oil for the past 2 years.

Not once have I had to clean my VNT vanes in my turbo! Not only that but I’ve noticed less turbo lag and more bottom end power! I also see a noticeably increased MPG range! My car will now do an incredible 64.2MPG at 65MPH! And before I noticed I couldn’t get over 51MPG.

What car do I have?

I have a 2001 AWX PD (Pumpe Duse) 1.9l Diesel VW Passat.  My brother-in-law has a Polo 1.4l PD and we have just started adding 2 stroke to his diesel.

The list below is people that have been doing it for years and have seen benefits of more power, more MPG. See list below.

Update: 22nd September 2017

People that are already doing it.

All known Vehicle type and engines:

VW, Audi and Skoda PD (Pumpe Duse) Engine, 1.4l & the 1.9l

Ford, Peugeot, Citroën, Land Rover, Jaguar DW12 Engine 2.2l

Range Rover – Land Rover 200Tdi I4-T 2.5l  & 300Tdi I4-T 2.5l – Td5 I5 2.5l

GM Opel, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, SAAB, Z19DT – JTD 1.9tid, 1.9cdti & the D223L 2.2l tid.

the carlube 2 stroke oil
2 stroke oil from euro car parts
the price from euro
25l of diesel with 1l of 2 stroke

Carlube 2 stroke mineral oil. It has to be MINERAL OIL! 4.55l from EuroCarParts at £13.75.

Adding 2 Stroke Oil to Diesel Fuel

There’s a lot of talk about adding 2 stroke oil to diesel and the benefits it adds to the running of the diesel engine.

The question is:

How much do I add to a full tank of fuel?

What are the benefits?

Can I add 2 stroke to any diesel vehicle?

How much do I add to a full tank of fuel?

That’s completely up to you. My own opinion – Adding 2l of 2 stoke to a full tank of fuel works well for me. Some people add only 300ml to a full tank, again, it’s up to you how much you add.

Why should I add 2 stroke oil to diesel when modern diesel fuel already is just as good?

Let us talk about modern diesel for a minute, this might help you think about how much 2 stroke to add to your fuel: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel.

ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) fuel is the fuel currently mandated for use in all on-road diesel engines. This fuel burns cleaner and is less polluting than its predecessor, called Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel. Low sulfur fuel contained less than 500 ppm of sulfur. ULSD contains 15 ppm or less.
As diesel fuel is further refined to remove the polluting sulfur, it is inadvertently stripped of its lubricating properties. This vital lubrication is a necessary component of the diesel fuel as it prevents wear in the fuel delivery system. Specifically, it lubricates pumps, high-pressure pumps and injectors. Traditional Low sulfur diesel fuel typically contained enough lubricating ability to suffice the needs of these vital components. ULSD fuel, on the other hand, is considered to be very “dry” and incapable of lubricating vital fuel delivery components. As a result, these components are at risk of premature and even catastrophic failure when ULSD fuel is introduced to the system. As a result, all oil companies producing ULSD fuel must replace the lost lubricity with additives. All ULSD fuel purchased at retail fuel stations SHOULD be adequately treated with additives to replace this lost lubricity. The potential result of using inadequately treated fuel, as indicated above, can be catastrophic. There have been many documented cases of randomly tested samples of diesel fuel. These tests prove that often times the fuel we purchase is not adequately treated and may, therefore, contribute to accelerated wear of our fuel delivery systems. For this reason, (some people) adding 2 stroke oil to diesel will replace the lost lubricity as well as other benefits of adding 2 stroke oil to diesel.

YouTube Video

Watch this youtube video of a bloke explaining what he does and how much 2 stroke he uses.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of using 2 stroke. The benefits I’ve experienced and what other people experience, and the facts.

Fact: 2 Stroke burns better, adding 2 Stroke to diesel will help the diesel burn completely (less/almost no smoke). This proven fact delays the DPF (diesel particulate filter) to clog, and the “burn free” process of the DPF will be much less. 

1, Helps to initially clean out the engine internals and keeps them clean.

2, Restores missing lubricants (and more) from low sulphur diesel. (we talked about that above)

3, The engine runs much more smoothly and is much quieter. (as talked about in the youtube video also above)

4,  Significant reduction in smoke from exhaust (due to better combustion). Applicable for cars with no DPF.

5, Keeps the DPF cleaner

6, Increases the life of the engine, including injectors & fuel pump.

Can I add 2 stroke to any diesel vehicle?

Again, this is completely up to you. You might want to search Google and see what you find about the type of vehicle you’re adding the 2 stroke to.

Can I add 2 stroke to a petrol vehicle?

I’ve only ever heard of the RX8 owners using 2 stroke oil to keep the Wankel tips intact. Short answer, No.