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PSA Vauxhall Cut Jobs as Astra Sales Drop

PSA Vauxhall Cut Jobs as Astra Sales Drop

Author: Admin
Published: 10:08 am
Updated on: October 18th, 2017
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Vauxhall to cut 400 jobs at Ellesmere Port

The demand for the new Vauxhall Astra has been falling for some years.

And I wonder why?

And It is not just Vauxhall that has been saving money by buying cheaper parts. Here is just one review from many Astra owners. Have a read below.

James, 2015 15 plate Astra 1.6CDTi.

“Faults on the car from new which cannot be rectified by dealer. The dealer has no idea what is wrong.  Also loud noise while running idle. Mpg is nowhere near the manufacturers claimed figures.”


About 400 of the 1,800 jobs at the site are expected to go by Christmas, largely via voluntary redundancies, as demand for the Astra continues to slip in favour of chunkier and trendier SUVs.

Vauxhall said in a statement: “Vauxhall needs to adjust production volumes at its Ellesmere Port production facility to the current level of demand, to improve its performance and protect its future as the industry faces challenging European market conditions and a declining passenger car market.

Are we going to see more of the Astra model in our garage for car repairs or is Vauxhall going to do something about the problems that are still causing problems for customers still to this day?

You can read more about the job cuts here.